Steve Elliott  / Store Manager

My Work: I started at Marukai in 1996 as a stocker; I was able to work my way up to Store Manager, my current position. I like to think that I’m like a coach, I don’t control; I try to work with people. The job is to control inventory, to make customers are happy, and the only way to do that is by working with each other. As a manager, I have to put in the effort and be the example for the employees. It’s a a mutual relationship. I just happen to have a responsibility to orchestrate the store and employees. It’s fun because each day is a challenge for me and the employees I work with.


My Day: A brief description of my day would be to make sure that the operation of the store is at standard or better. I go through the entire store, from back to front, with the assistant store managers to make sure that they too also understand that a store is like a living object. You need to check everything to make sure it’s working properly. Otherwise, if you miss or neglect something, the store will be in jeopardy and break. Once you forget this or become lazy and don’t care, these are the results. So, making operation a habit in checking and rechecking you will see a clean, organized store with happy employees and customers. “Kaizen.”


Myself: I believe in truth and trust. Sometimes people don’t like this because it might hurt their feelings, but like they say sometimes the truth hurts. But from my experience, it helps me become a better person when people tell me the truth. I’m usually a quiet, reserved person, I enjoy reading, learning something new, watching TV on my off times. I enjoy playing with my kids and also relaxing at home. Pretty simple. Nothing too exciting. I like the simple things in life.

Why we’re a great place to work: Why we’re a great place to work: CHALLENGE and TEAMWORK. CHALLENGE: Sometimes we get frustrated, but we step back and look at where we are right now and push forward. This is the challenge part which I like and how people react to it. It’s fun to work in this kind of environment where people push you to become better. TEAMWORK: Everyone here is really putting a lot of effort to making sure that we are successful; I’m grateful to be around people like this. Teamwork is not giving up and pushing others to do their best.