Jose Hernandez  / Meat Department Manager

My Work: I am a butcher. I cut meat. I order and buy meat, as well as check that everything is good conditions. Some days I help the receiving department on delivery days in which that manager is off. I help supervise and maintain other departments at the store, but my main responsibility is the Meat Department.


My Day: Every day varies. Most days I focus mainly on my department; I start off with everyone in my department cutting and packing meat, followed by taking inventory, checking sales, and ordering our products. However, there are days in which I assist the receiving department by unloading merchandise being delivered. Everyday I have the responsibility to ensure all machinery and equipment is running smoothly, so I have to be prepared to repair anything if needed.


Myself: I came to the US from Mexico when I was very young. I started working at Marukai about 17 years ago. I started off collecting carts and as janitor at the Gardena branch. After that I began working at the meat department and eventually became an assistant department manager. After 12 years I was transferred to Cupertino and became Assistant Store Manager. Being an Assistant Store Manager taught me what it takes to run not only a department, but the store as a whole and even understand how the company works. Personally, I have always enjoyed working. I am passionate about what I do and feel the need to pass down my knowledge to my associates. I believe that sharing experiences helps all of us grow; being selfish doesn’t help us progress.


Why we’re a great place to work: I am a stable person, I don’t like changing jobs. Marukai has provided that stability and consistency for me since I started. I believe I have remained here for so long because of the support I have received at the different departments and locations I have worked at. All the good experiences and people I have worked with have motivated me.