Jorge Hayashi  / Food Department Section Manager

My Work: What I do is first buy products for all the stores; decide which items will be good for us to sell and most likely to appeal to our customers. Also decide which items will be advertised for sale. I create planograms or “Tawanari” for new or remodeled stores, deciding which items will be sold, which items go on the shelves, and prices. When we build a new store or remodel an existing store, we help “build” the store and decide what is the best way to sell products, what and where to display.


My Day: Busy but fun. As a buyer I have a lot to do. Everyday is different, that’s why it is fun. The days go by fast, non-stop. Personally, I am happy to work with the “Food team, ” we are an actual team, we alwasys help each other and do not let anyone go down.


Myself: 5’10, 180lbs (laughs). I am 3rd generation Japanese, born in Peru from a Japanese community of about 200,000 people. I’m a workaholic, I love to work which is what I was taught; first is family, second is work, an if your family is good then you can work 7 days a week. I like to teach people how to work, that it is not easy but that you have to push yourself to your own limits to better yourself. In my work I like a lot of details. I apply my ideals to my work-ethic.


Why we’re a great place to work: As a Japanese American company we can share and apply business techniques from both cultures. There’s always a challenege and I love a challenge! Like I said about myself, we need to push ourselves to our limits in order to be successful. I started as a data entry associate, I have seen the challenges and opportunities to grow. TEAMWORK: this is a good place to be part of a team and face challenges together. Seeing customers happy make the challenges, time and effort all worth it.