Our employees = Our (ideal) customers

In the US, people’s values diverge widely.

Because of that, those who share similar values in areassuch as food safety and cultural exposure tend have a more intimate relationship.Same applies to people and retail stores.


We want our employees to appreciate and be knowledgeable aboutquality products and food, and create new values across different cultures-

bringing unity and enthusiasm.These “ideal consumer” characteristics are also our “employees” characteristics.


We all want to be thrilled about a new endeavors, a new stage in lifeand make others feel just as enthusiastic. Whether that is entering college, having your first child, or throwing your best frienda surprise party, we cherish these unforgettable moments.


We want to build a store with people who share these excitements.An employee who will greet customers like a best friendand create unforgettable experiences together that are far beyond “just shopping”.

We are Marukai/Tokyo Central.