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Established in 1965, Marukai Corporation was the first international Japan-based retailer to offer a wholesale market and membership system. Since its early days, Marukai has experienced tremendous success and customer loyalty, which has helped it expand to multiple retail locations, including the launch of the Tokyo Central and Tokyo Central & Main branded stores. 


Marukai's flagship “Marukai Forum” was opened in Gardena, California in 1996
and offers a wide-variety of imported goods, including food, health products,
cosmetics, home furnishings, small appliances, electronics, stationery,
clothing, kimono, pottery, and assorted sundries. With its 45,000 square feet,

Marukai Forum is home to the largest selection of Japanese products in the
United States. In 2013, Marukai joined the unique and wildly successful PPIH family of retailers.


By maximizing synergies, management resources, and business know-how,
Marukai will continue to offer a truly pleasurable shopping experience and the
safe, quality products its members have come to depend on. Marukai is excited
about its continued success and new opportunities to provide an even wider
selection of products to its customers.


Marukai knows that none of its success would have been possible without its
loyal customers and remains deeply grateful to all of its customers for their
loyalty and continued patronage.

Company Name:
Marukai Corporation


1740 W Artesia Blvd., Gardena, CA 90248

Yasuyuki Sakamoto


March 1965


12 stores (10 locations)


  1. Costa Mesa, CA: TOKYO CENTRAL

  2. Cupertino, CA: MARUKAI

  3. Gardena, CA: TOKYO CENTRAL

  4. Little Tokyo, CA: MARUKAI

  5. Pacific Square, CA: TOKYO CENTRAL & MAIN


  7. Torrance, CA: TOKYO CENTRAL

  8. West Covina, CA: TOKYO CENTRAL

  9. West Los Angeles, CA: MARUKAI

  10. Yorba Linda, CA: TOKYO CENTRAL

780 as of March 2018

A Japanese speciality market selling prepared food, imported Japanese items(grocery, beverage and household items) and local retail goods.

Corporate Group:

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation